Traditionally peer review of academic articles is conducted anonymously: neither the reviewer nor the author know the identity of the other, and comments made by reviewers are not released to the public.  By contrast, open review provides a platform for public critique, and in this spirit Becoming-Media’s review process will unfold in an accessible, emergent blog format.

Every aspect of the Becoming-Media review process is open.  Papers are posted on this website and made freely accessible to all, and the authors’ identities are published along with their work.  Scholars, and indeed anyone with a contribution to make, is invited to comment and discuss the papers publicly, under their own names, and the authors will be encouraged to respond openly.  After the Crowd Review has closed, authors will have an opportunity to revise their papers before they are published in their final form in the March 2012 issue of postmedieval.

As you read and comment, please keep in mind that the works under Crowd Review for this issue are very much in-progress drafts, in various stages of completion.

To get started, we encourage you to read the editors’ vision statement and familiarize yourself with how to comment.